Campus Transportation

Welcome to the Campus Transportation permit application and ticket payment site. Students, faculty and staff may apply for vehicle permits, appeal tickets, and make ticket payments at this location.

If you have any questions, please contact the Campus Transportation office directly at 773-508-7036, or at this email address Click here to directly contact us with questions or issues.

To visit our general website, please visit
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Code Description Amount
01 Parking in an Aisle $20.00
02 Parking without a Valid Permit $55.00
03 Unauthorized, Altered or False Permit $75.00
04 Obstructing Traffic Lanes/Service Areas $60.00
05 Blocking Fire lanes or Fire Hydrants $120.00
06 Parking On/Over the Line Or Two Spaces $40.00
07 Handicapped Space Violation $150.00
08 Parking in Violation of a Sign $40.00
09 Parking next to a Yellow Curb $40.00
10 Parking in a Non-designated Space $40.00
11 No Parking/Standing on University Street $30.00
12 Parking at Shuttle Bus Stop $60.00
13 Damage to University Property + Damages $75.00
14 Parking or Driving on Grass or Sidewalks $60.00
15 Failure to Properly Display Permit $30.00
16 Other $40.00
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Description Amount
Lost Card $25.00
Lost Remote $50.00
Lost Ticket $14.00
Returned Check $25.00
Replacement Sticker $25.00
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